Magnetic system filter


What You'll get

Designed to arrest sludge before it does any damage to your system. They’re quick to fit and will keep your system running at its best for longer.

We provide a fixed price for the supply and installation of a MagnaClean Professional 22mm Magnetic System Filter

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What it'll cost

System already drained only £210 + Vat*
Including system drain down and refill £315 + Vat*
As part of another service = Request a quote


Why us

A fixed price
Highly qualified engineers
Extended warranty's
10% off when combined with other Gas & Heating products

Designed to arrest sludge before it does any damage to your system. They’re quick to fit and will keep your system running at its best for longer.  They’re easy to maintain and will be cleaned during your annual boiler service.

Why consider a magnetic system filter?

Chemicals will prevent some debris build-up in a heating system, but metallic particles must be filtered out. By installing a magnetic sludge filter to your central heating system you can make the removal and cleaning process easier and avoid costly breakdowns or a future power flushes.

Which filter do you recommend?

We provide a fixed price for the supply and installation of a MagnaClean Professional 22mm Magnetic System Filter.

How much will it cost?

If we are already on site and have drained your central heating system to complete other works then we can easily supply and install your new system filter for £210 + Vat.

If we need to drain down your heating system and refill on completion then the job takes slightly longer and costs a little bit more. Independent visit (including drain down and refill) £315 + Vat

Discount a 10% discount is applied to the price of the system filter if booked along with any other gas or heating service.

For more information about magnetic system filters you should contact our office and speak to one of our maintenance advisors.


Q: How do you work out your charge?

A: We charge a fixed price always quoted in advance.

Q: What does the price include?

A: The price we quote is for labour plant and materials required to complete the system flush. Additional charges are made for congestion charges and parking.

Q: Where will you install the new filter?

A: The filter will need to be installed on an exposed section of your heating pipework. If all your pipework is contained within walls or floors then it may not be possible to easily install a new filter. Our engineer will agree a location with you before starting works – or you can send us a photo of your proposal before we visit.

Q: Do I need a system filter?

A: Yes. Over time your system rusts resulting in the build-up of dirt within your system that causes damage to other parts on your system, including your boiler. A magnetic filter filters out this debris keeping everything healthy.

Q: Are they costly to maintain?

A: No. It is easy to clean the filters and is something we do as part of an annual boiler service. Or you can do it.

Q: Who demands that the systems should have a system filter?

A: Most boiler insurance schemes will want your system to have a system filter. Manufactures of your boiler often provide extended warranties on their boilers when a system filter has been installed. Why? Most central heating problems relate directly to sludge or lime scale in your system.

Q: How do I pay?

A: In cash after your service is complete, or with a card over the phone.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to organise the parking?

A: We kindly ask that you arrange parking for us.

Q: In what areas do you work?

A: All SW, W, NW, TW, KT, HA and central London postcodes

Q: When are you going to arrive?

A: We will agree on an arrival slot with you, and our engineer will contact you when he’s on route.

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