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Europe-wide energy crisis may cause gas shortages and winter power cuts in the UK

According to the latest government forecasts, there is a possibility of winter power cuts at some stage as the UK runs short of power! Are we are in the midst of a deepening energy crisis?

Under forecasts, we are facing even steeper increases in gas and electricity usage in the UK. The government will have to make tough decisions on whether industry or the general public will bear the burden of the power cuts!

According to forecasts, officials say that annual energy bills will rise to £4,200 from January. We know this sounds a bit scary. All these concerns indicate that we are facing a massive difficulty on a grand scale. It would be best if you prepared quickly to survive this predicament.

Will the UK energy crisis effect your energy costs?

Yes, the energy crisis will effect the energy costs. However we can’t do anything about market forces, rising energy prices or with pointless and unnecessary conflicts.

But we can at least prepare for colder days ahead to AVOID/prevent any untimely boiler breakdowns! Prices are going up all over the country but at Serviceteam, we have in fact lowered the price of our Annual Boiler Service. Yes you read it correctly, we have LOWERED the price of our boiler service!

We understand how important it is to save money in these tough times plus the importance of keeping your central heating/hot water system running efficiently. We hope this money saving offer will help you save a few pounds on the household budget.

Save costs during the UK energy crisis

The current price of an Annual Boiler Service is £95 + VAT. The Serviceteam Summer special offer boiler service (2022) price is starting from  £51 + VAT a huge saving!

The offer is valid until 20th September 2022. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your boiler serviced for £51+VAT instead of £95+VAT! Every saving helps towards the household budget. Making sure your boiler is winter ready is a wise decision. 

When the central heating is turned off during the summer months and turning it on when the winter is closing in, often leads to boiler problems! That’s why a ‘summer boiler service’ makes perfect sense, even more so at a price of only £51 + VAT.

When Jack Frost, snow and ice comes calling you must be prepared! We know it’s hard to imagine frost, ice, or snow when the UK is in the midst of a heatwave when actually it’s the perfect time to service your boiler! So, don’t wait until the last minute, when it’s giving you problems, act NOW!

Still not convinced?

If not here are a few scenarios from actual customers:

“I delayed renewing my household insurance policy by two days. That’s when I had a burst pipe in the loft, we were out that day and didn’t arrive home until late in the evening, only to find water running through the rooms downstairs due to a bedroom ceiling collapsing! It has taken us two years to replace items damaged by the burst pipe. My household insurance policy is now by direct debit!”. (West London)

“I missed our annual boiler service last year. The heating and hot water was playing up for a while, but wanted to get Christmas out of the way first and planned to get it done soon after. Unfortunately, it packed up late on Christmas Eve and had to wait until after Boxing Day for an engineer to visit. He said it was a two-port valve or something (not completely sure). There’s nothing worse than a cold Christmas when you have small children”. (Surrey)

“I love to entertain and constantly plan for at least one dinner party each month. This means my oven takes an awful pounding. The thermostat was a bit temperamental and needed to use my cooking experiences and judgement (on more than one occasion) to anticipate when a dish is cooked. I had every intention to call an engineer but needed to get this particular dinner party over with first (my partner’s boss was attending). Whilst the main course was in the oven I got into a deep conversation with guests (trying to be the perfect host), which distracted me (not a problem as the faithful oven timer will remind me). I was alerted by a light haze and the smell of burning entering the drawing room. I dashed to the kitchen, by this time the smoke alarm had gone off and my culinary masterpiece was ruined. Luckily the canapes were a success but we all had to retire to a local restaurant for the main course, which we paid for! It was an expensive lesson in ‘don’t put off until tomorrow, what can be done today”. (London W1)

Serviceteam encourages landlords, homeowners and managing agents to prepare for the winter months during the summer. So, don’t delay and wait until the last minute, by which time the boiler has usually broken down and an expensive repair is needed.

Why is summer the best time to service your boiler?

– If you’re not ready to take advantage of our boiler discount, there may be trouble ahead.

– The industry confirms that the cost of repairs will increase this winter, so you will have to spend two or three times more than the average cost of a boiler service or breakdown.

You have until 20th September 2022 to make your booking to be winter ready and save some money!