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Having access to a handyman who is registered with Checkatrade or WHICH Trusted trader is a sure way of getting all those odd jobs around the house completed. You may have already used a handyman who you were happy with and whom you will engage again on the next job.

From something as small as a bokeh cabinet door, changing strip lighting or light bulb installation, or decorating repairs such as painting and plastering, a reliable handyman is the tradesperson to go to.

There might be several jobs around the house that need to get help from a knowledgeable handyman. That’s why it’s important you choose the right one; the above platforms are the place to start your search.

With the right professional help, you can save a lot of time, and effort one usually spends trawling through Youtube tutorials. A single call to a professional handyman service will take care of all those repairs without having to coordinate with several different contractors. If you want to avoid those countless calls to different companies for different trades and make life easier for you, then call serviceteam. We have everything in one place, from gas engineers, electricians, plumbing engineers, kitchen and bathroom installations, loft installations and much more. Just one call that’s all that’s needed, leaving you more time for life's more important things!

So what exactly do handymen do?

Whatever you require of them! The jobs a handyman completes range from simple to complex. This covers work like carpentry, painting, electrical work, and plumbing. The advantages of using handyman services are numerous. At serviceteam, our handyman services cover virtually all those household jobs that need fixing.

You can book our handymen in London to get the following jobs/services quickly and efficiently.

  • Painting & decorating
  • Gutter repairs in London
  • Sash draught proofing
  • Draft proofing external doors
  • Rodent proofing
  • Sticky swollen doors
  • Furniture assembly service
  • Kitchen appliance repairs
  • Wallpapering
  • Locksmith service
  • Plastering service
  • Window repair service
  • Fence repair service
  • Carpentry services
  • Door repairs
  • Tiling
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Garage door repair
  • Extractor hood repair

Benefits of hiring a professional handyman service in London.

You don’t need to worry about lifting more than your phone! A professional handyman will take care of the rest, saving you time and effort. At serviceteam, we'll take care of everything while you sit back and relax, stress-free!

No confusion.
When you have a home plumbing, furniture installation/fitting or electrical issue, you must hire several tradespeople, a plumber, a carpenter, and an electrician. Not with our handyman services! An electrician, painter, or plumber doesn't need to be hired individually; a competent handyman will see to that.
Also, dealing with more than one tradesperson can mean staying at home for long periods while waiting for other trades to visit or complete their work. With a multi-skilled handyman, you deal with just one person who quickly gets the work done in one visit (subject to project size).
Save some money.
If you need to save the cost on home improvements such as furniture fitting, installation or other odd jobs, then hiring a handyman at an hourly rate instead of a day rate might just be the right payment option for you.

Before the job commences, you will be given an estimate of how long the work will take and how much it will cost, hopefully keeping costs within budget.

Anticipate problems before they arise.
A handyman is usually an ‘all-rounder’ with extensive knowledge and experience. They can quickly assess your property and highlight any potential future problems just waiting to happen. Find help today and save time.
Professional workmanship.
Our handyman team in London guarantee your satisfaction and understands how important it is for your space to look its best.

Safety first.
Multiple contractors working in your home all at once could turn your property into a busy and crowded hub, which could pose a safety risk. Our handyman team are safety trained and will ensure your family’s safety throughout the project.

No matter the task, they have a set of universal guidelines for procedures to follow, giving you a sense of security and assurance.

Finding a handyman service.

Word of mouth is sometimes a great way to receive a recommendation or reference. A neighbour or relative is unlikely to recommend a ‘rogue trader’ because we tend to trust their opinion.
When selecting a handyman in London, it's important to ensure that their experience and job expertise match the nature of work required, i.e., a welder wouldn’t be ideal for soft furnishing repairs.
The good news is, finding experienced, reliable handyman services in London is no longer daunting, thanks to internet search platforms, where everything is at your fingertips (well, most things).

Don’t allow those small jobs to pile up - take advantage of our technology-driven world and find yourself the perfect handyman.

Book a professional handyman service in London from serviceteam!

If you are in the London area and need a reliable handyman to get your home repairs, improvements, installations, fittings or any other odd jobs, look no further! With over 10 years of experience working on homes in Greater London and its surrounding areas, our handymen guarantee a speedy and reliable repair service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Contact us today for any services, and book a handyman to clear those annoying tasks off your ‘Things To Do’ list!