Serviceteam: Quote from Photos Policy

Important – As this quote has been provided without the advantage of a site visit, it is important you thoroughly review and understand our process when quoting from images: –

We have reviewed the photographs and information provided and have done our best to prepare your quotation (attached) based on the same.

However, there is no substitute for a site visit to get ‘eyes on’ the complete scope of the work’s with a tradesperson focused on the job at hand.

Quoting from photos, together with a thorough explanation of the work’s isn’t always enough to cover the entire scope. Therefore, there is an element of risk that the quote may be subject to alteration.

How it works: The tradesperson arrives on site, assesses the quotation against the ‘actual’ scope of the work’s. If the ‘actual’ scope of the work’s matches the quotation without any variations, the tradesperson will proceed with the work’s during the same visit.

If any variations are revealed, we will inform you immediately before commencing work, and will not proceed without your authorisation.

In all cases, and in advance we would prefer a site survey/quotation visit. However, please don’t be disappointed if on the first day of the planned work’s we find something not identified in the information you have provided or that we simply missed (we’re only human and there is no substitute for a tradesperson on-site focused on the job hand). Remember, you are always at liberty to reject the revised quotation.

Of course, we would like to get the job underway on the first visit without any adjustments, but it’s not a perfect world we live and work in.

If you prefer a pre-site survey to firm up the scope and price, before booking the work/s then why not request a ‘site survey and quote visit’?. Inform your job owner who will arrange a visit to suit your diary. For more information click on this link