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How about instant hot water without boiling a kettle or waiting until hot water flows through to the tap? Having instant hot water as and when required minus any waiting time has got to be an energy saver and worth considering if we want to save on energy costs.

Just think of how many times a kettle is boiled in the course of a day for coffee and tea etc., and the associated cost. It’s surprising how much it costs to boil a litre of water, and most of the time, we boil more than we need. Bringing a saucepan of water to a boil on an electric or gas hob can be avoided if you have a tap that gives instant boiling water.

Also, if limescale builds up inside a kettle, it can affect its efficiency by taking longer to boil. If it takes longer to boil, you know what else will be going up. If you live in a hard water area, then it makes good sense to descale your kettle every couple of months.

A watched Kettle never boils; as the saying goes, the reason could be due to the limescale covering the element. When was the last time you descaled?

This article will cover how they function, their available different types, and other benefits besides making coffee.

What is an instant hot water tap?