Water Softener Installation By Professional Plumbers In London

Water Softener Installation London

Water Softener Installations in London

If you live in an area of hard water, you are already well aware of the damage hard water does to your home. Creating hard limescale around the edges of the taps to clogging up pipes.


Installing a water softener will help to drastically reduce the limescale build up and even go to increase the longevity of household products such as your washing machine or dishwasher.

What's Included

  • Site Survey

  • 1. Our Water Softer Engineers will come to your property and assess your water system to ascertain the best location to install our water softener to serve the whole house.

    - They will perform a water hardness test

    - Check the pipe size

    - Check the pressure of the water from the mains among other necessary test.

  • 2. They will go away and create a personalised fixed priced quote based on the engineer’s recommendations and experience

  • 3. Once you give us the go ahead we will schedule a day that is convenient for both parties and we will get the water softener installed correctly, professionally and promptly, and we will also refund you the cost of the site survey because you decided to use Serviceteam.

  • 4. All works carried out will come with our workmanship guarantee.

  • Free Quote

  • 1.Once you have filled in the form and instructions our estimating team will assess your requirement from the descriptions and pictures that you have provided.

  • 2. We will then provide you with a personalised fixed priced quote.

  • 3. Once you give us the go ahead we will schedule a day that is convenient for both parties and we will get the water softener installed correctly, professionally and promptly. All works carried out will come with our workmanship guarantee. Tap into our engineers’ experience: without being tied down to an annual contract.

  • 4. A Year long Guarantee on our work - so you will have peace of mind

What's not Included

  • Any congestion zone, ULEZ or parking charges - This will be added at cost to the final bill (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided).

Why us?

1   Tap into our engineer's experience.

2   Which Trusted Trader endorsed

3   Fully insured

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    Further information

    The estimated cost can be between £600 - £1000 depending on the complexity of the installation and how long the engineer is on site for.

    What is a water softener?

    In areas of hard water (High in calcium and magnesium for all you scientist out there) A water softener is attached to the your mains water supply within your property. The softener will supply soft water throughout your property and will start to provide soft water from the moment you install it and will start to immediately make a difference to the hard water build up you’ve probably been finding in your washing appliances, taps and any rings around the bath, sinks and toilets.

    Over time, with your new water softener installed, it will be easier to clean your appliances and sanitary wear, and eventually eradicating the hard water limescale providing the the damage has not gone past the point of no return.

    Water softeners use sodium chloride to provide soft water to your property - This is similar to the salt you would put in your dishwasher - and this will breakdown the calcium and magnesium in your hard water and creates light clean water for you house.

    The size of the water softener that we install does depend on a few factors such as the size of the property, the number of people living there etc - but our engineers are all trained to give you the best advise possible with their years of expertise and experience.


    Can I drink the softened water?

  • - It is safe to drink the softened water however it is not recommended to drink the softened water - for a couple of reasons
  • - It doesn’t taste that nice
  • - It adds sodium to the water (after removing the calcium and magnesium) and the recommended amount of sodium in the water supply will far exceed this amount once a water softener is installed
  • - But don’t worry - our engineers can install a supply direct from the mains that by passes the softener but utilises a filtered water system for you to drink safety.

  • We have a garden tap - can this be bypassed too?

  • - Of course - just mention this to the engineer and we will be happy to assist you.

  • What is the on-going cost to run a water softener?

  • - This is a complicated question as it would have to take into consideration the size of the softener installed, the quantity of people living in the property, and whether they use above or below the rough guide of 150 litres of water per day, per person.

  • We’ve heard about no-salt softeners - would you recommend one?

  • - In our experience we believe these to be more hype than anything but future technologies are becoming present technologies but at the time of writing none are better nor more efficient than a salt water softener.

  • Does soft water affect the efficiency of boiler?

  • - Yes it does but only for the better. Over time hard water limescale could build up in the boiler heat exchanger and that will mean that the boiler will have to work harder to heat the water to the required temperature. Having less limescale in your heat exchanger means that your boiler will run more efficiently for longer.

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What does it cost?

We can accurately provide quotations for minor maintenance tasks from photos.We accept photos and videos by email or via our Business WhatsApp account from which our estimators will compile a quotation based on the information provided.

Our Business WhatsApp account is 07903192884 and our email address is [email protected]

Please note: Estimates prepared from photos/emails are based on the information provided and are subject to a site survey. On the day, and within the first 30 minutes on site our engineer will assess the quoted works before commencing. On occasions when further information or unexpected complications crop up before or during the work/s which changes the initial specification it could/may increase costs (if so, a revised quotation will be issued)

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