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Guide | What to consider when redesigning your bathroom

Redesigning your bathroom is the chance for you to create a bathroom that works and caters to your needs. However, it’s easy to think about the obvious and forget about smaller details that, once you’re using your bathroom, are very important. We’ve outlined a few key things for you to consider, but remember we also offer a bathroom design service to help you create the perfect bathroom!

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Here’s a simple, step-to-step guide you need to follow to carry out the cleaning procedure in the right way

The Layout

When deciding where to put everything in the bathroom, be sure you try out the layout. You can start with measuring up and drawing it out on a floorplan, but once you have those initial ideas, mark out the objects in the room itself. You need space to move around in the bathroom. Try ‘sitting’ on the toilet to make sure your knees don’t hit a wall or cupboard. Open the door and make sure that it won’t bang into anything. It’s these real interactions that you can’t draw on a floorplan but can influence how you layout the room.


Baths, sinks, and toilets are the first things that come to mind when you think of bathroom furniture. However, cupboards are also important as we tend to store a fair amount of stuff in our bathrooms. Whether that’s towels, toilet rolls, or toiletries – they all need somewhere to live! And remember, if you have young children, you should keep medicines and cleaning products up high, out of harm’s way. 

Bath or Shower?

Baths aren’t as popular as they used to be, but some people are scared to take the bathtub out of a bathroom in case it makes their home harder to sell on at a later date. If you’re not renovating your bathroom to sell it but renovating it to make it your own – don’t worry about designing it for other people. If you prefer showers, you are the one going to be using it every day, so design a luxury shower that you can enjoy every time you use it. 


One of the most important aspects you might be considering while redesigning your bathroom is lightning, as it plays a key role in enhancing the bathroom’s functionality and mood. Although your layout will play a huge role in this regard, you still need some extra brightness to light the scenes up while doing make-up or shaving, etc. Also, Install a dimmer for mood adjustment, as you won’t always like it bright, as sometimes, it’s just about the aesthetics.

Use the space wisely

While designing a perfect bathroom, you need to be space smart. If we had to give you a small piece of advice, it would be not overloading the bathroom with en-trend fixtures. Once done with the right planning, even the smallest spaces can be transformed into a relaxing place. 

Choose the perfect interior style!

With so many options available in the market, it is now a lot easier to choose something that complements the whole house interior. Seek out designs, finishes, and colors that can give a feel of cohesion with the overall property design. Moreover, choose a material that suits your needs the best. 

Plumbing Fitting

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to our mind while designing a bathroom, it doesn’t make it less important. There are plenty of options available in the market each with its own distinctive qualities, and colors. Choose something that fits your taste and the bathroom’s interior. 

Shower or Tub?

Well, this mainly depends upon your choice. Choose the one you are comfortable with, even if you are up to sell the property in future years. No one knows what may appeal to the buyer, however, your choice will greatly affect your bath experience. 

Choose the right Vanity!

Yes, you read it right. On one hand, where most of us fall for the looks, needs are often neglected in this area. So first things first, you need to consider how you intend to use it, how many basins you need, and of course, the size of drawers. In addition, it’s important to know if you want a wall-mounted drawer or one that sits on the floor. Not to mention the mirror type. All these factors when rightly chosen make an ideal bathroom vanity.

Easy to care floors

It’s important to consider the right floor material while redesigning your bathroom since you can’t always be looking after it. For the past few years, tiles have gained immense popularity due to its water, wear, and stain-resistant nature. Just make sure it has a slip-resistant finish to avoid certain troubles.  

Do a proper Window treatment

Since bathrooms are mostly hard surfaces, dressing the windows in a proper fabric helps to add softness and absorb sound. Another advantage of this treatment is the introduction of unique colors and patterns. Make sure they are moisture resistant. In addition, it provides proper privacy and light control. Simple shutters, blinds, and shades prove to be useful for this purpose. 

Bottom Line

As a matter of act that everyone has his own preference for an ideal bathroom, its important to know what can serve your purpose better. Furthermore, a well-designed bathroom interior will prove to be beneficial just in case you intend to decide the property in the near future. Just make sure the redesigning process is done carefully, with each appliance and material chosen step-by-step and cautiously. Rushing it won’t do you any good! 

Need Help?

If you need help designing the bathroom of your dreams, why not contact usto find out more about our bathroom design service. If you visit our website you can find out more about the process and start to request a quote. Our team of expert plumbers have years of experience and so no matter how big or small your bathroom is, they’ll be able to help.