Portable Appliance Test London – Pat Certificate

Portable Appliance Test
In London
From £85 + Vat


Portable Appliance Test
From £85 + Vat

Electrical Appliance Inspection London

An electrical appliances inspection, known as a portable appliance test (PAT) in London, is Serviceteam’s detailed electrical inspection into the safe workings of your electrical appliances. As opposed to our Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR which tests the fixed installation (e.g.. wiring circuits, switches, sockets, light fittings and circuit boards) our PAT inspection checks all appliances you connect to the electrical supply (e.g. refrigerators, electric cookers, kettles, toasters etc ) and issue a pat certificate after completion of test

Portable Appliance Test For Homeowners

Homeowners should consider testing their electrical appliances every two to four years depending on the appliance. Landlords should consider an appliance PAT test inspection on all supplied appliances (within the property) every two to four years, or at each change of occupancy, whichever is sooner.

Portable Appliance Test For Landlords

If you are letting a property, then you have a duty of care to ensure any appliances you have provided when letting your property are safe. As a homeowner, a PAT test by a qualified Serviceteam engineer will give you peace of mind knowing your electrical appliance(s) meet with tough industry regulations.

You’ll receive

Serviceteam’s PAT certificate comprises a full safety inspection of all your electrical appliances.

If everything meets with industry regulations, our engineer will issue you with a PAT certificate, which you will receive electronically. Should your appliances be faulty, you will receive a full report detailing exactly what needs to be done to bring them up to current regulations and make them safe.

Whilst at your property our engineers can also install CO and Smoke alarms to keep your property up to current fire regulations for a small additional fee.

What will it cost?

We charge a fixed price of £85.00 + VAT for PAT testing. This allows up to 20 appliances per property, which covers most appliances. Add £6.00 + VAT for each additional appliance.

  For more information about PAT tests contact our office and speak to one of our electrical advisors.

What's not included in this service?

  • Any electrical repairs or replacements
  • The cost of re-inspecting any of the failures detailed on your PAT certificate
  • Any congestion zone, ULEZ or parking charges - This will be added at cost to the final bill (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided).

  Have more questions about our PAT service? Read our Facts and FAQs

    More About Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

    Nowadays portable appliance certificate is considered as a basic requirement for property rentals and insurance companies to confirm that the property they are insuring is 100% safe and doesn't contain any fault. Make sure to perform pat testing by experienced pat testers in London. You can also see us listed on the following directories PAT Testing Directory and we get our labels from : PAT testing labels

    Here are the Things that you need to know about PAT testing.

    Portable appliance test is necessary for the following sectors :

  • Property dealers
  • Industries
  • Companies
  • Shops
  • Markets
  • Factories

  • Outcome Of Portable Appliance Testing

    Once pat testing is done you will get a complete report containing information about all the appliances you have and their condition. It will be mentioned in the report that which appliances need to be repaired, replaced, and which have passed or failed the pat test. After completion you will see stickers on each appliance tested with the current test date and when should it be carried out in the future. It's recommended to perform the pat test after every 8months in London.

    Legal Presence Of Pat

    Legally there is no need to perform pat test but still, its recommended to perform this regularly to ensure that your electrical appliances are in good condition. According to the 1974 act, health and safety procedures considers pat certificate as part of it. Once your pat testing is done make sure to keep the pat certificate in a safe place so in case of any incident you have proof to show that safety measures were taken on time. Till now portable appliance testing is not legally enforced but in the future, it may be.


    Q: What is meant by Portable appliance test?
    A: The term portable appliance test is used to describe and ensure the quality and safety of Electrical appliances. However, most of the electrical safety issues can be identified by visual examinations but some of them can not be detected by visual examinations. Therefore a PAT test is conducted to identify the hidden issues and problems of the electrical appliances.

    Q: How long does the home Portable appliance test last?
    A: Well homeowners should conduct a PAT at least every two to four years to ensure the safety of electrical appliances. However, landlords should conduct PATs when they are about to sell or rent their properties to help the client in ensuring the safety of every electrical appliance or there is something that needs to be improved or replaced.

    Q: How much does the Serviceteam charge for PAT testing?
    A: Well as quoted above we charge a fixed price for the number of appliances on which PAT is conducted. For every 20 electrical appliances per property, we charge £85.00 + VAT which is more than enough to cover most appliances, however, add additional charges £6.00 + VAT for each appliance if PAT is conducted for more than 20 appliances.

    Q: What if the Serviceteam engineer finds a fault during the checks?
    A: A Serviceteam engineer will provide you with a full report detailing exactly what needs to be done to bring them the appliances up to current regulations and make them safe as well as a quote if necessary.


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We're committed to working with the best
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Do I need to provide parking?
As you know parking in and around London can be problematic and extremely costly (depending on the area) if a parking space can be reserved for our engineer it would be appreciated and help increase efficiency of the service provided (no feeding meters etc or mobile app updating). The quote we have provided does not include the cost of parking and/or congestion charge which will be added to the final invoice (if applicable). Please inform your personal account manager if any special parking instructions like parking permit/free parking can be provided. For properties on the rim of the congestion zone and it is not possible for our engineer to attend without entering/clipping the charge zone, we may need to add the charge to the final bill ? Please check with your personal account manager in advance of your appointment if you’re not sure?

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