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Does lowering heating by 1 degree make a difference?

2022: Currently the UK is going through an energy crisis. The price of electricity and gas has risen to prices never seen before (ever) as wholesale prices soar due to supply and demand. 

So much so that a decision to heat or eat is a decision many families and senior citizens are making now, let alone when winter arrives! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will get any better in the short term. Gas and electricity have virtually become a luxury item, in terms of price at least! Families will struggle during the winter as they have to adjust their heating habits to accommodate the household budget.

Some tough decisions will have to be made until the energy crisis eases. In the meantime what can be done?  Well, research has said that several million households typically set their heating temperature to over 20°C with several million more using a setting of 25°C.

Do you know what’s coming next? If we are looking for ways to reduce our energy bills, then dropping the temperature setting down a couple of notches will save you money. It’s fair to say that the majority of households have temperature settings that probably haven’t been adjusted for a considerable amount of time, in terms of the time day or night, it comes on and for how long, before it switches off? In the pursuit of saving money, you will need to look more closely at those settings.

Unfortunately, you will have to bite the bullet here if you’re looking to reduce energy bills? How much lower could you realistically turn down your central heating, without you and your family freezing to death? Well, turning down your heating by as little as 1° lower could save up to £80 a year on your energy bill. 

Similarities between generations + downward trends

Of course the temperature changes one can withstand depend on the demographics i.e., the older generation like to be kept warm and cosy and set their thermostat to around or above  25°C. Whereas the younger generation, you would expect, prefer a lower setting. Well, that’s not so, as research has shown that over a fifth of 18–24-year-olds set their temperatures to above 25°C which was also found to reflect 3% of 55-year-olds (or older) as well. Older people don’t always keep to 21°C in their homes, as recommended by Age UK.

60% of older people set their radiator TRV’s to Max 21°C or more, which to maintain that temperature is costly.

The benefits of lowering home heating by 1°c

By reducing your home heating by 1°C can —

1. Can reduce your carbon footprint — stats say that households were responsible for 19% of National greenhouse gas emissions in 2016. Lowering by 1°C can reduce emissions and cut your heating costs and you probably won’t feel the difference.
2. Reduce utility bills — dialling down your thermostat setting by 1°C could save you anywhere from 5 – 30% on your energy bills.

Now is the time to make those energy savings because prices aren’t going down in the foreseeable future! 

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