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Tips to Keep your Boiler in Good Condition

Although a Boiler installation in itself is a huge investment, its expenses can be even more if not looked after properly. Given that 25% of your total bills are occupied just by the central heating system, any major or minor fault can increase it by a considerable percentage. Therefore it’s important to keep it in tip-top condition throughout the year, especially autumn to save you from chilling in the cold while suffering from the huge bills altogether. With this in mind, we felt the urge to give you some useful tips on how to keep your boiler in good condition. Make sure you follow each of them to avoid unnecessary complications and expenses: 

Annual Boiler Service

Annual Boiler Servicing - London

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Have Your Boiler Serviced Annually

Servicing your Boiler on Annual Basis is one of the most effective way to keep your boiler free of any performance-related problems  as numerous tests are conducted during the process including:

  • Flame Sense Device Functionality check. 
  • Pilot Burner Check.
  • HighLimit Thermostat functionality check.
  • Boiler Operation check.
  • Ventilation Check.
  • Heating controls check.
  • Electrical Wiring Connections check.
  • Location of combustible materials and boiler.
  • Gas and Pressure flow.
  • Seals check.

Each of the above tests will be carried out on each of the aforementioned components of the Central Heating System. Any fault detected will be fixed on the spot.

Powerflush it

To make sure there isn’t any hindrance hot water flow, have your system powerflushed at least every two years. It will not only ensure there is no debris build-up in the system but will also remove any pre-existing dirt with its strong cleansing liquid. This is an effective way to not only prolong the boiler’s life but to keep it running efficiently throughout its functional years. 

Check Your Boiler Pressure

Although there are certain materials like tissue papers that are prone to dissolve quickly in water, sometimes most of us unintendedly try to flush things that we aren’t meant to. Disposable tissues and paper towels are two common examples of it. Therefore it’s preferable to let your family members know about what to flush and what to not. Keeping a list of such materials near the toilet won’t be a bad idea!. Also, keep a large trash can in the washroom as well to prevent flushing of disposable items

Lubricate the Boiler

Just like any machine, a boiler also needs proper lubrication to function normally. This can be done with the help of a professional. Usually,  those parts in a continuous and repetitive motion like fans or pumps are oiled, consequently increasing the efficiency of the appliance.

Bleed the Radiatior

Bleeding your radiator is one of the most effective ways to keep your boiler functioning properly. Not only it helps to maintain the pressure of the boiler but also takes out extra, dirty water hindering the heating phenomenon that leads to high bills. To do so, you’ll just need a key to fit in the radiator’s bleed valve and turn it counter-clockwise direction. Once you hear the hissing sound accompanied by water dipping, it means your boiler pressure is restored to normal.

Check for Flame Color

Always keep checking the flame color of the boiler. It normally appears blue. However, if you see it to be changing color to yellow or orange, it points towards carbon monoxide leakage that can damage your boiler. Not only that, but it is also regarded as a silent killer. So make sure you have it checked as soon as possible.

Insulate the Pipes

Although it doesn’t seem that of a big deal, Insulating your pipes can prove to be handy in chilly winters, preventing your pipes from freezing up. The good thing is, you won’t need a professional to perform this task as any DIY can perform it quite easily. Just measure the size of your pipes and visit the nearest electrical or plumbing equipment store, buy foam tubes, and fit them around your pipes.

Check the Pressure Regularly

Pressure fluctuations are one of the most common issues faced by boiler owners. Therefore everyone needs to check their boiler’s pressure gauge on regular bases, preferably every week to see if there’s any up-and-down. If you see any, its time to bleed your radiator. However, if that doesn’t solve it, its time to call a professional to carry out a proper diagnostic and repair job.

Try balancing the radiators

Once you are finished with the bleeding job, its time to balance your radiators. Although it may require some skill, its worth it. By doing this, there will be no temperature difference in either of the radiators, keeping it functioning properly. You might need a professional to do the job if you’ve got a big house, since its a time-consuming process.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

If you have a lot of shoes, bags, or other clutter in the boiler’s room, its time to have them removed because the boiler really needs to breathe sometimes, and it’s not possible with an ill-ventilated environment. Moreover, a clean boiler room will ensure that you reach your boiler quickly in case of any emergency. Consult a professional if you are having trouble with space available for the boiler. 

Need Help?

Jut in case you need help with any Boiler Maintenance and Repair tasks, you can easily rely on Serviceteam to do it for you. We have a highly qualified team of Gas Safe engineers with years of experience in the field to ensure any job being done in a convenient and professional way, that too at minimum costs. Also, our user-friendly staff is at your service 25/7 to provide you expert advice related to your household gas appliance. Just make a call and you’ll find a team of highly qualified professionals at your doorsteps!