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How To Keep Your Bathroom In Good Condition

A bathroom condition getting nasty is inevitable because of its status as one of the busiest rooms in the house. Since its constantly exposed to humidity, falling victim to bacterial, mold, and grime build-up is certain, making it extremely difficult to clean. Therefore to avoid any arduous chors in the future, there are some simple things you need to look after. So without undermining the importance of proper bathroom maintenance and cleanliness, we felt the urge to acquaint you with some useful tips and tricks for keeping your bathroom design in tip-top condition for a comparatively longer time.

Allow Some Air

Where there is a bathroom, there is moisture. Sorry for ruining your favorite childhood phrase but it really does fit here. Although its a fact that bathrooms and moisture are two things that go hand in hand, extra moisture left in bathrooms after a shower isn’t good. Therefore it is recommended to dry it up as soon as possible. You can control the moisture by following some simple advice. Just keep your windows open each time you use the bathroom. Just in case your bathroom doesn’t have windows, an extractor fan can also speed up the drying up the process quite effectively.

Maintain Space

One of the simplest tricks to keep your bathroom in nice and clean condition is to avoid filing with unnecessary stuff. As space adjustment is something often undermined by most bathroom owners, it results in an even greater mess, consequently increasing your chores by double. Therefore its extremely important to fill up your bathroom with things only necessary and maintain proper space. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the closed doors in vanity in this regard. Just keep the tools where you need them. It will not only fulfill your needs conveniently but keep your washroom cleanliness maintained for a long time.

Keep the lid close

Want to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic, you better keep the lid on the toilet to avoid bacteria spread throughout the bathroom in form water drops. As small and simple this task looks, so is it important to keep you and your family safe from certain bacterial attacks. If you haven’t been paying attention to this, its time to take it seriously and flip the lid each time you use the bathroom. Hygiene is everything, after all. 

Use Hydrophobic Coating

Ye, that’s right! Use hydrophobic coatings if you want your bathroom neat and clean for a long time. Since water repellent coatings will make soap scum, water, and mineral bead up and runoff, You’ll have to put fewer efforts in cleaning your bathroom since there will be nothing much to scrub away. A non-toxic water repellent coating is highly recommended if you’ve children in your house. Never choose one with oxide-Polystyrene because it’s an extremely poisonous compound capable to cause serious harm to your underaged family members. Carry out good online research to choose the best hydrophobic coating based on your needs. In addition to that, seeking professionals suggestions also won’t be a bad idea either. 

Brush Position Matters

Well, you might be wondering what has the brush position to do with bathroom condition. But trust me, it matters. Ever seen those left off trails of toothpaste on your vanity unit, basin, or other surfaces? It’s because of all those lying brushes.  Make sure you keep your toothbrushes in an upright position after each use. A toothbrush holder is something ideal to help you with it. Also, clean the holder at least once a weak with hot water to reduce any dirt build-up. Not only will it keep your bathroom look clean, but reduce one of the tidbit tasks when you’re up for a complete cleanup. 

Right fixtures help

If you haven’t renovated your bathroom yet, do yourself a favor and choose minimalistic fixtures that won’t consume a lot of space. Not only will it make your bathroom look better, but it will also reduce your future efforts alongside. Although there is a lot of bathroom fixtures available in the market, choose those which mainly focus on space-saving and cleanliness. The main benefit of such fixtures is to give you access to all those tricky areas you won’t reach otherwise. It’ll be easy to clean off your bathroom with the right appliances. Just make your choice wisely!

Keep the shower curtains clean

One of the most important factors that ensure good bathroom conditions for a long time is cleaning off that soap scum, minerals build-up, and mold and mildew straight right at the moment you see it. It’s one of those effortless tasks anyone can do. All you need to do is just to spritz the bottom of the shower curtain liner with a good quality bleach and let the shower rinse it off by itself. repeat the process at least twice a month for better results.

Use long-lasting cleansers

Just like any bathroom fixture, faucets are also vulnerable to certain dirt factors including dirty water splashes and mineral accumulation. As dirt faucets give a really bad impression, it’s important to keep them clean. An old toothbrush along combined with house remedies such as vinegar and soda is an effective way to clean off any hard spots in this regard. Also, use baby oil and washcloth to make them sparkle just like a new one!

Clean the faucets

One of the key tricks you can apply to keep your bathroom in an awesome condition is to use longlasting cleaners. Reach out for products that can keep the cleaning effect to last longer and make the toilets, tubs, and sinks resist stains for at least a week or two. Do make sure you carry out good research before choosing the right cleaner for your bathroom, especially if its multi-surface, as different areas will require a different product to be cleaned effectively.

A Regular scrub will help

Bathroom tiles can get moldy over time. Therefore it’s necessary to clean them on a regular bases. Since the dirt build-up can be really difficult to clean when left for long, there are certain tips that might help you avoid it: 

  • Use abrasive scrubbing pads to clean the shower floors and tubs.
  • Clean the grout with tile brushes.
  • For small corner areas, using a toothbrush can prove to be effective. 

You won’t regret these thirty minutes spent in your bathroom in the long run. For sure!