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What You'll get

You might be getting a new boiler. Or just want to make the most of your heating right now.

We’ve got products to stop you wasting energy and money. And to help keep your home cosy.

Book an appointment to meet or talk with one of our heating advisors to discuss our popular heating products.

We look forward to you call get your heating upgrade quote now!

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What it'll cost

Quote requiring a site survey visit – £40 + Vat
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A fixed price
Highly qualified engineers
Extended warranty's
Our engineers’ expertise

You might be getting a new boiler. Or just want to make the most of your heating right now.

We’ve got products to stop you wasting energy and money. And to help keep your home cosy.

Book an appointment to meet or talk with one of our heating advisors who will help you select the heating products that best meets your family and home requirements.

Popular products

  • Powerflush That’s a one-off deep clean of your central heating system. It makes sure everything’s working properly by getting rid of sludge and stopping your boiler corroding. It’ll help your system work for longer, keep your bills lower and cut down the risk of breakdowns.

  • Radiators We’ve got lots of radiators for you to choose from. When we fit it, we’ll guarantee it for five years.

  • Thermostats A thermostat controls the temperature of a room. You can set it so that if your room drops below the temperature you’ve picked, it’ll switch on your heating. And if it goes above another set temperature, it’ll switch your heating off. So you’re only using the heat you need.

  • Magnetic system filters They trap sludge before it does any damage to your system. They’re quick to fit and keep your system running at its best for longer. And they’re easy to look after – we clean them when we do your annual boiler service.

  • Thermostatic radiator valves They sense the air temperature around them and change the flow of hot water going through your radiators to keep your rooms at the temperature you’ve picked. So you can save money by only using the energy you need.

  • Showers With very little hassle, we can fit a new shower. We’ve got lots of Mira showers to choose from that work with thermostatic mixer, electric and power showers, as well as other types. That way you can pick the shower that’s best for you.

Why get your upgrade with us?

  • We guarantee a fixed price once we have given you your quote, it won’t go up. Even if we do any unexpected work. It’s our fixed price promise.

  • Highly qualified engineers our professional engineers work in a clean and tidy way and take pride in all aspects of work they complete.

  • We provide extended warranty’s All the work we do is guaranteed for at least a year

Contact us to arrange a no obligation on site survey to get the ball rolling, or a free conversation with one of our repair doctors.

Step 1 – Arrange a heating adviser visit or conversation Either choose a convenient appointment time and day that suits your busy schedule for our heating adviser to visit. Or contact us to discuss with one of our repair doctors. We will then provide you with a fixed price quotation.

Step 2 – Installation day Our expert Serviceteam engineer will arrive on the date you have chosen. Once the installation is complete they will explain how to use the new system to obtain the most energy efficient output, and leave your home neat and tidy.

Step 3 – We give you peace of mind When your product is installed; it comes with a minimum  1 year guarantee as standard, which means if  something happens you can call us any time, any day of the year.


Q: Can you provide advice, recommendations and quotes over the phone?

A: With many years of experience our repair doctors are often able to diagnose faults, provide recommendations and quotes over the phone.

Q: What happens if you are unable to quote following a telephone conversation?

A: Book an appointment to meet with one of our heating advisors at your property to discuss our popular products.  There is a small charge of £40 to cover the cost of our time on site, and we will provide you with our no obligation fixed quote.

Q: Do you diagnose or fix faults within the £40 site visit survey?

A: Unfortunately not. If you have faults with your central heating system that we need to actively engage with diagnosing or repairing then our emergency heating repair cost (£95 + Vat) would apply.

Q: How long does the appointment with your heating adviser last?

A: Around half an hour. And they’ll call ahead to make sure you know they’re on their way.

Q: Will I know how long it’ll take to get my heating upgraded?

A: We can work it out around dates and times that suit you. Our team will make all arrangements once you have given us the go ahead.

Q: What if I still have questions about my new heating upgrade?

A: Just give us a call on 0203 538 7066 and one of our repair doctors will be able to help you.

Q: Is there a charge for the quote?

A: If we are able to quote over the phone there is no charge. If we need to visit site there is a £40 charge.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to organise the parking?

A: We kindly ask that you arrange parking for us.

Q: In what areas do you work?

A: All SW, W, NW, TW, KT, HA and central London postcodes

Q: When are you going to arrive?

A: We will agree on an arrival slot with you, and our engineer will contact you when he’s on route.

Q: Will the engineer be Gas Safe qualified?

A: Yes. All our heating engineers must be Gas Safe qualified to safely work on your appliances.

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