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Electrical Boiler Service

Electric boiler servicing in London – Serviceteam

Your electric boiler is one of the most important assets in your entire home, and it provides you with many functions on a daily basis. However, even the best boilers need a little TLC from time to time.

Electric boiler Servicing London can keep your boiler in good health and save you money in the long run. The first task, however, is to know when your unit requires attention. Here are five issues to look out for. You can also check out our Workmanship Guarantees here

  • Your energy bills are increasing at a quicker rate than the inflation of unit costs while your habits around the home haven’t changed. This suggests that there is a fault either with the boiler itself or another element in the system.
  • The boiler (or your radiators) have become noticeable noisy when running. The noises themselves may no longer annoy you, but those bangs are a clear sign that something is wrong with the boiler. Get it checked out ASAP.
  • The electric boiler loses power. This could be an issue with the power supply but may also be a symptom of many alternative issues. Electric boiler serving Twickenham will get to the bottom of those issues.
  • Leaking or dripping from the boiler itself, or the connecting pipes. This issue may result in no hot water or radiators not heating up. Either way, it’s important to investigate the problems with the support of a professional.
  • Your boiler hasn’t been serviced for several years. Even when you can’t spot the faults, minor issues can impact the performance of the boiler and may also lead to growing problems that will cost a fortune in the long run.


Regular boiler servicing is vital for the unit as well as your peace of mind. To book an appointment with our experts, give us a call today.

Electric Boiler Servicing - London

Our Highly Experienced Service engineers can come to your property in the quickest possible time and get your electric boiler serviced.

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