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Frequently Asked Question

Q. How often should a commercial boiler get serviced?

Aways, and without fail every 12 months. Commercial boilers are susceptible to wear and tear given their heavy duty use. From a guarantee/warranty viewpoint an annual  service is mandatory and shows due care and attention has been demonstrated to ensure the boiler is running efficiently. If the boiler has not been serviced annually (whilst under guarantee) and there is a breakdown the business owner could be responsible for the cost of the repair. Therefore, make sure your annual servicing records are up to date and run continuously to avoid paying for what might be an expensive repair!

Q. Can I service a commercial boiler on my own?

NO definitely not as it can be incredibly dangerous! Only a gas safe engineer with commercial qualifications are permitted to work on these gas appliances! The product you’re dealing with is a high volatile gas appliance and one wrong move could be disastrous!

Q. How long does it take to service a commercial boiler?

The recommended service frequency on commercial boilers used for Industrial purposes is every twelve months. Commercial boilers are subject to heavy duty continuous use and need to be maintained frequently. Also, if the boiler has been recently installed a track record of each annual service must be available in the event of a claim (within the guarantee/warranty period) to show due diligence otherwise the guarantee/warranty could be voided and the repair paid for by the business owner?

Q. Do landlords service commercial boilers?

No, landlords don’t personally service commercial boilers, they employ expert gas engineers to do the servicing.