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Commercial boiler repairs in London

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is classed as a commercial boiler?

Commercial’ refers to industrial appliances that are usually bigger, bulkier with higher heat output compared to a domestic boiler in a private dwelling.  As such, a commercial boiler provides heating and hot water to premises that engage in commercial activities on an industrial scale.

Some examples of this are: Hospitals and Healthcare facilities, University and School campuses, Breweries and Distilleries, Food and Beverages Processing Plants, Commercial Laundry Facilities, Textile Manufacturing Facilities and the Automotive Manufacturing Industry.

Q:How often should an industrial boiler be serviced?

The recommended service frequency on commercial boilers used for Industrial purposes is every twelve months. Commercial boilers are subject to heavy duty continuous use and need to be maintained frequently. Also, if the boiler has been recently installed a track record of each annual service must be available in the event of a claim (within the guarantee/warranty period) to show due diligence otherwise the guarantee/warranty could be voided and the repair paid for by the business owner?