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Roof Repair TW9 – Case Study


The Job

We were engaged by a London Estate Agent (Featherstone Leigh) to conduct a site survey to trace and repair a water leak in a property located in Richmond Upon Thames. The leak was traced to a bedroom in the property. After assessing the scope of the works serviceteam provided a detailed quotation to repair and make good the damage caused by the leak.

The leak had entered the bedroom through a section of the flat roof. Having identified the source of the leak, the reason was obvious; the ageing membrane was in a sorry condition. Years of wear and tear, high summer temperatures, freeze and thaw cycles during winter had severely degraded the roofing material allowing the ingress of rainwater. As a consequence, the entire roof section had to be replaced.

Our detailed quotation was accepted and were asked to proceed with the roof refurbishment.
The time to repair a roof is when the sun shines! Unfortunately, the repair had to be done during a spell of continuous bad weather! Waiting for the sun to shine wasn’t an option. A temporary construction was erected so work could continue beneath, whilst it continued to rain on our parade. The constructed shelter prevented any further damage to the inside of the property.

The works were spilt into three mini projects:

1. Access to the roof area

  • A new access point to the roof had to be constructed to ensure safe entry and exit from the repair area.
  • The construction of a new flat roof section using timber struts and insulation material. And the bedroom ceiling beneath plaster boarded and prepped ready to be decorated.
  • The installation of a triple glazed glass dome roof window bringing natural light to the room as well as access to the roof (double benefit).
  • The roof was prepared with OSB (oriented strand board) decking boards and then covered with a durable EPDM roofing material, which is crack, tear and bubble resistant.

2. Main roof area

  • A breathable membrane was selected to cover the roof, which included a parapet wall and additional up stands. The membrane was covered with OSB decking boards and sealed with a water-resistant primer. A 40-year life expectancy EPDM material was laid on the boards and primed surface to give a smooth professional finish that not only looked good but will repel everything mother nature throws at it.

3. Internal access floor area

  • All damaged materials were removed and replaced with structural grade C16 timbers (kiln dried) to the perimeter walls and joists.
  • The structure was then covered with OSB Decking boards and fire rated plasterboards installed for the partitioned stud walls.

In spite of the inclement weather serviceteam were able to meet the customer’s expectations. The refurbishment was a massive upgrade, not only to the roof but also to the domed glazed roof window, which added a new dimension to the roof. The curvature of the dome windows brought in extra natural light to brighten the room.

The customer was delighted with the finished project and has since commissioned serviceteam for further works.